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About Us

Altium Education, developed by Altium, is committed to eliminating existing barriers in STEM education, opening up opportunities for students to design and create their own electronic products. 

Designed for virtual, hybrid, and physical classrooms, Altium Education is a free online curriculum introducing the fundamentals of PCB design and ECAD software tools being used to create the next generation of innovations.  

The Altium Education program includes:

  • Progressive PCB design courses that take students through the fundamentals of the electronic design process and continue through to the PCB manufacturing process.
  • Free access to Altium Designer, a professional ECAD software.
  • Instructions and guided projects leading students to a completed PCB design of their own.

By the end of the course, students will gain enough knowledge to design simple PCBs and be prepared to advance to industry-level circuit board design and manufacturing courses and training.

Student Stories

Altium supports the design community by helping to nurture the engineers and PCB designers of tomorrow. We support over 300 student design teams and 33,000 students. We are proud to share the stories of these passionate students who were able to transform their ideas into reality.