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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a free student license?

Visit our student license page and complete the form to request a license.

What do I do if I've requested a license, but I haven't received an email to confirm my account? Or if I've confirmed my account, but I haven't received my license?

A valid email address that's associated with your university domain is required for the Altium Designer license. However, your institute may not be listed in our database. In this case, we would need to see a copy of your valid student card and your current semester enrollment letter. Please collect the requested materials and create a support ticket.

I'm looking to request a sponsorship for my team/club.

Click here for Altium's Team Sponsorship program.

Can I run Altium Designer?

You should review the system requirements here which should help you determine which laptop/desktop to use. Please note that Windows OS is supported.

I'm looking for technical support.

A: As a student you have several resources where you can find intensive information on the topics you are interested in:

I'm not able to renew my license or I need help with something else.

Please create a support ticket.