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Designed for virtual, hybrid, and physical classrooms, Altium Education is a free online curriculum introducing the fundamentals of printed circuit board (PCB) design and ECAD software tools being used to create the next generation of innovations.  

By the end of the course, students will gain enough knowledge to design simple PCBs and be prepared to advance to industry-level circuit board design and manufacturing courses.


Designed by Educators for Flexibility


Our modular curriculum is designed to support your course schedule.


Assign the entire curriculum for a full overview of PCB design.

Altium Education's Free Online Electronics Design Software and Curriculum Includes:

  1. Introduction to the fundamentals of Printed Circuit Board Design
  2. Value of Schematics, Libraries, and Simulation
  3. Overview of Routing and Basic Signal Integrity
  4. Integration of Design to Manufacturing Processes
  5. Tutorial Project for Hands on Learning

Currently Being Used to Support these College Level Courses:

  • Robotics Systems Design
  • Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
  • Power Electronics
  • Alternative Energy
  • Microwave Electronics

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Altium 365 Classroom Integration

Altium Education endeavors to support Engineering departments at colleges and universities teaching courses in electronic design and engineering. These videos provide best practices for educators and their students on how to utilize A365 as a cloud-based, collaborative learning platform for electronics design.

Altium 365 for Instructors

Altium 365 for Students

Setting Up Altium 365 Workspace for Multiple Classes

Here is how we recommend setting up your Altium 365 workspace for multiple classes

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